A downloadable game for Windows

Players are invisible unless exposed to light (which wounds players) All sources of blue light wound & kill players.

A heartbeat senses nearby players, if a player is near the heart-rate increases.

When players move around they splat a bit of fluorescent light on the floor revealing their position to others.

The available gametype is Free-for-all with 5 minutes length, online multiplayer only. You can use the SLauncher.exe in "ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64" to host or join an available game.

Intended gamemode: (Did not make it in)

The intended gametype includes one hunter (normal, visible player) with utilities to expose the enemy team (all players except the one started as the hunted) such as flares, flashbangs and listening to his heartbeat.

The hunted must stay hidden by avoiding the lights & traps put there by the hunter. They may hear or see the hunter approach through footsteps and/or line of sight. If a hunted is killed, he will be immediately transformed into a hunter and gain its utilities until time runs out or all hunted have become the hunters. (Similar to Infection gametypes)

I intend to still build this gametype at a later time.

The game is built on top of a cut down version of ShooterGame example by Epic Games.


Install instructions

Look for SLauncher.exe in ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64 to join or host a multiplayer session.

There are no bots.

The game was built for online play with an infection type gamemode which did not make it in in-time unfortunately. 


7DFPS_Exposure_Build04.rar 116 MB